Contracting & Delivery Options

At Olympic Construction, we understand that each project has unique requirements and demands a tailored approach. That’s why we offer a wide variety of contracting and delivery options to ensure we meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer the certainty of a lump sum/stipulated price contract, the collaborative nature of a design-build arrangement, or the comprehensive oversight of our experienced construction management team, our team has the expertise to deliver outstanding results.

Above all else, we are always open to client-specific requirements and can adapt our approach to meet your unique needs. With Olympic Construction, you can be confident that your project will be executed with the utmost dedication, ensuring a great experience from start to finish – your way.

Commonly known as “fixed” price, this delivery method is appealing to clients who are looking for a final dollar value to budget around. Clients would supply a full set of plans and specifications for us to determine all labour, materials, and service costs to construct the final product.

This delivery method provides you with a single point of contact and accountability for the duration of the project. We especially enjoy this contract type as it builds relationships during the design phase – integrating the owners, designers, and construction personnel into one unified team. Engaging the construction team during the design phase allows up to proactively manage budgets, forecasting accurate costs to you, and avoiding any unforeseen expenses. This method is perfect for fast-track projects as it allows construction to commence before the design process is complete.

This model allows us to align our objectives directly with those of the client. We manage the scope of construction, value engineering, preliminary coordination/scheduling, and budget management for an agreed upon fee. We’ll work with the owner and architect to reduce project costs, sourcing designers, suppliers, and subcontractors to efficiently complete the project. This delivery method also allows for construction input early in the design phase, mitigating any risks through construction execution. During the entire process the owner has complete transparency to project costs, allowing them to see who and what their money is going towards. The construction manager can forecast upcoming costs on a weekly/monthly basis while projecting the final project cost.

EPC contracts remove all responsibility from the client – the contractor is responsible for the design of the project, procurement of all materials/equipment, and the construction of a functional facility. Olympic proactively interfaces with the client to deliver the project within a specified budget and schedule (commonly referred to as Lump Sum Turnkey).

A GMP contract provides you with an absolute maximum dollar value for the scope of work. It is an open-book relationship between Olympic and the client whereby we’re reimbursed for the project costs, plus an agreed upon fee. There is extra incentive to remain on budget with these contracts, as we would be responsible for any cost overruns.

No person, company, or project is ever the same: that’s why we enjoy working directly with clients to develop a contract that best suits their needs. Let’s build your big ideas together – contact us today to get started!

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