Powered by Experience

Known as one of the most experienced and trusted General Contractors in Newfoundland & Labrador, Olympic Construction has been the driving force behind many of the recognizable and iconic infrastructure projects throughout the province: health care facilities, hotels, recreational centres, and vital infrastructure. We pride ourselves on integrating with design teams to promote a collaborative working environment which results in a successful project delivery.

Our Process



Planning with EXPERIENCE.

We know a successful project begins long before breaking ground. Our team of experienced professionals will collaborate closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your unique vision is captured and incorporated into the project plan. Our comprehensive suite of pre-construction services includes design assistance, budgeting, coordination, scheduling, and more. You’ll benefit from our meticulous attention to detail and strategic approach – saving you time, minimizing costs, and ensuring a seamless transition into the construction phase.

We use the following methods to strategically add value to your project from day one:

  • Constructability Analysis: We build the project before breaking ground.
  • Value Engineering: Making a building more constructible, cost-efficient building materials, reducing operating costs.
  • Accurate Cost Estimates: Pulling from over 40 years of construction costing data, we’re able to confidently give the client a firm budgeting number.


Building with EXPERIENCE.

Experience matters – and Olympic Construction stands proud with a proven track record of successful construction projects. Our team’s wealth of knowledge and expertise allows us to tackle projects of all sizes and complexities with confidence and efficiency. Whether it’s a small-scale renovation or a large-scale development, our experience allows us to navigate potential challenges, streamline processes, and deliver quality results. Our wide range of delivery methods provides you with the flexibility and cost certainty your project requires. With Olympic Construction as your partner, you can rest assured that your project is in the best hands.

Our delivery methods include:

  • Lump Sum / Stipulated Price
  • Design Build
  • Construction Management
  • Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC)
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
  • Client Specific / Custom

Post Construction

Partnering with EXPERIENCE.

At Olympic Construction, we’re dedicated to building relationships with our clients that extend far beyond project completion. We know the importance of offering ongoing support and maintenance for your building’s longevity and performance. That’s why we provide comprehensive post-construction services to address any maintenance or repair needs that may arise. Our skilled team is readily available to assist you, ensuring that your investment remains in its best condition. We prioritize building performance and work diligently to uphold the highest standards, offering you peace of mind and the knowledge that we will continue to add value to your project long after it is complete.

We’re committed to your satisfaction – choosing Olympic Construction means choosing a partner for the life of your building.

Our Clients

“ I found Olympic Construction to be a good partner to work with. They were always accessible during every stage of the project and were straight up with any challenges that came with construction; and very diligent in finding solutions. I am very satisfied with the services of Olympic Construction and would definitely work with them again. ”

John Steele
President, Steele Hotels

“ Working with Olympic means we get the best service, best construction but also we can rest easy knowing they are on the job. When taking on large projects it can be very expensive and stressful, however, the staff at Olympic Construction make you feel like family, and treat your project with the respect it deserves. When building, we only deal with Olympic for our business. ”

Dan Matthews
Dealer Principal, Volkswagen Audi

“ Olympic Construction was responsible for the build out of our latest location. They were incredibly knowledge, professional and timely in the execution of their work. They were able to adapt and respond to challenges very quickly and effectively. The team was a pleasure to deal with and the quality of their work was top notch. They handled every aspect of the project and kept us well apprised at all times. I look forward to working with them again in the future. ”

Niraj Shukla
Owner, Mustang Sally’s

“ Olympic turned our vision into a reality for a collaborative, modern headquarters with an in housegym. The team was extremely professional, organized, and timely. They made the experience a breeze for us with minimal involvement from our team. ”

John Williams
CEO, Nutra Holdings