Concrete Forming

At Olympic Construction, we’ve got years of experience handling various types of concrete with differing qualities and strengths. Our team’s dedication to quality is what sets us apart – we take great pride in self-performing all concrete forming and placing activities for every project we undertake. By doing so, we maintain complete control over the project schedule while upholding the highest standards of quality, right from the start.
What sets us further apart is our exceptionally skilled team. At Olympic, we have a roster of talented carpenters, labourers, and surveyors who are not just project hires but have been working with us for numerous years. This continuity of workforce fosters a collaborative and productive work environment, and they have developed a deep familiarity with all our formwork systems. Having successfully completed large-scale projects with Olympic in the past, they possess a unique synergy that enables them to execute complex operations seamlessly.

Over the years, we’ve completed some of the most complicated and complex formwork in the province – and we bring this experience to every job, knowing exactly what to look for to ensure than your concrete job will be successful. We are known for the quality concrete products our company produces, and we pride ourselves in consistently delivering specialty concrete that stands above all competition. Our concrete specialists can complete any concrete or formwork job that may arise: no job is ever too big or too small, both residential and commercial.

To ensure efficient project execution, we currently own over 100,000 ft2 of various concrete forming systems. These systems are specifically designed for structural slabs, columns, walls, and tilt-up panels. Located in our warehouse, our formwork systems are readily accessible, ensuring prompt and streamlined implementation.

Some formwork systems we frequently employ for major concrete forming projects are:

At Olympic Construction, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction, and we are dedicated to working closely with you and your business to meet your specific project’s needs. Let’s solidify your big ideas – contact us to get started! 

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